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A Once In A Lifetime Experience

Secret Canyon

The Secret Canyon Tour starts off with a off-road hummer excursion filled with obstacles and difficult terrain! During this short excursion, you and your family or friends will enjoy thrilling sand hill climbs, exciting rock crawls, and many other off-road obstacles that are guaranteed to excite!  After the Hummer ride you’ll make your way through 150 yards of breath-taking desert landscape filled with a variety of plants and perhaps some wildlife.  As you and your group  enter Secret Canyon, you will experience the natural wonder inside of the canyon in a way which no other slot canyon in the area can be experienced. You’ll be FREE FROM THE CROWDS, noises, flashes, and all other nuisances; truly able to experience and appreciate the canyon in its peaceful, natural setting. Explore and photograph the many beautiful and unique, natural features, born from the millions of years of erosion in the soft sandstone walls, some over 60 feet high! This canyon is just as beautiful, if not more-so, than any other toured, slot canyon in the area; the difference is being able to enjoy the slot canyon without feeling like you’re just another number. We guarantee this will be your tour and your canyon while your with us! This tour is fairly easy, and only has a few small obstacles to pass over, with gradual inclines and declines.

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