Enjoy a beautiful Slot Canyon with No Crowds!!

Enjoy your essentially private tour of the beautiful Slot Canyons of the Navajo Reservation. Tours and Canyon time in SMALL groups, guaranteed! We can also provide private tours for groups up to 25 people!

Slot Canyon

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Trip Advisor

How do you put words to this tour? Breathtaking. Gorgeous. And quiet. I was worried about taking a bus to see these canyons. I was so happy to find I could have what really turned out to be a personal tour of amazing slot canyons that you can only get to with Hummer Adventures. Our driver was awesome! We had a total blast. Next year we are coming back to swim in the lake and take a hummer out into the desert!

-Joanna Heffinger, New Jersey

I am a photographer from France. The beauty of this place amazed me. I spent not a little time taking photographs of these beautiful canyons. The light was perfect to me. I am happy to have such wonderful photos that are not common of a natural beauty. Merci.

Paul Quillard, France


With a semi-large family (4 children), we were worried about making our vacation work. After a short stay at the Grand Canyon, we thought we should get ready to leave until we drove a few hours away and found Lake Powell. We loved the lake, the scenery and the town. But the highlight of our trip was the ride in a Hummer. Vance was our chauffeur. He was knowledgeable and made sure we had a fun ride (we loved the bumps). We got to spend time as a family in the walls of a gorgeous cave with no roof as the sun hung high above us. Even though it was hot in the sun, the caves were cool. We loved every minute of it. I was so glad we found an affordable tour that gave us such great pleasure and insight into what this world has to offer. Thank you much!

Elizabeth Parks, Oregon


Dude! How cool to ride in a Hummer! Vance was awesome - a riot to ride with. He is down to earth and totally awesome. The canyons were the coolest. They reminded me of waves in the ocean, only made out of sand. The awesomest tour ever! If you haven't done it, do it.

Keola  Puaolo,  Lahaina, Hawaii


When you think of all the people who claim there is no God, trying to imagine that while standing in Secret Canyon is absurd. This place has his hands all over it. You can not put in words what this place is like. Breath taking was my first response. The guide (Vance Swartz) had to prop me up when I first entered it. It was the most amazing experience I have had in a very long time. The guide was full of knowledge and absolutely wonderful to be around. I have already booked next years tour for my family and I.

Theresa Gudgel, NY NY


What can I say? Incredible views, up close interaction with natural landforms, the perfect photography opportunity, good company, a nice set of wheels... how much more perfection can one tour have?

Mark Shay, Pennsylvania


I found this trip accidentally. I was waiting for the Antelope tour, but it was full and I had to wait. That's when I saw Hummer Adventures. Not only was it quiet, but there were only 5 of us that went. We got to see canyons that only they can go to. Jay was awesome. He gave us a few thrills with the off-roading on the way to Secret Canyon. Jay let us take the time we wanted and we were never rushed and we took all the pictures we wanted to.  I am fortunate not to have had a space for the Antelope tours. Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures is the way to see a slot canyon.

Tom Johnson, Chicago


Whew! I LOVED this tour. I loved the tour guide too. Vance was great. I tried to take him home but my husband would not let me. Not too strenuous, great images, perfect photography, lovely new friends.

Anna Peacock, Maine


I hate writing especially testimonials, but Vance threatened my entire family with a long walk home. Mind you I did not mind the thought of being stuck in such an amazing place, but the coyotes threatened my entire family also. So I took this opportunity to write down how much we love Vance and Jay, they really go the extra mile for everyone. We look forward to our next visit and yes we will recommend this place to everyone we know. Thank you so much Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures for the awesome adventure and the great company. See you guys next year…

Kyle Long, Topeka Kansas


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